This plugin uses HashiCorp's Nomad scheduler to provision new build workers based on workload.

All documentation is available under the Jenkins wiki page for this plugin

Community contributions are very welcome!

TLS Support

To connect to a TLS-enabled Nomad cluster:

  • Configure the Nomad URL field with a HTTPS URL, for example: https://nomad.service.consul:4646
  • Tick the Enable TLS checkbox
    • If the Nomad cluster authenticates clients, configure the path to the PKCS12 certificate and, if needed, the password to access the PKCS12 certificate.

    • Specify a custom PKCS12 certificate to authenticate the Nomad cluster, if it can't be verified by the default truststore used by the Jenkins controller.

Note that, in each case, the certificates:

  • Must be files reachable by the Jenkins controller.
  • Must be in the PKCS12 format.