Job StrongAuthSimple

Japanese: Job StrongAuthSimple Plugin


This plugin allows you to safety builds for job, when multi-people approved

Why this plugin ?

This plugin avoid careless 'Job Build'. If single people execute 'Job Build', this plugin stop build. However, if multiple people execute 'Job Build', this plugin doesn't stop build. And continue execution of job.


  • Job StrongAuthSimple can configure the people who approve job executtion.
  • Support for setting of minimum numbers, which approved.



  • None

Tested minimum core

1.374 works fine


After installing the plugin you'll get a new entry in the Job configuration view and Jenkins configuration view.

The job configuration view similar to other build task.


cancel auth ?

  • currentry, delete job execution.

Todo list

  • Support to build by Timer, after condition be approved

Change log

Version 0.5 (December 17, 2012)

  • Add display global user for user friendly at configuration of job
  • Add help at configuration of job
  • Implement help at configuration of global

Version 0.4 (December 08, 2012)

  • Initial release


  • Author: KK.Kon
  • Contributors: -