Job Node Stalker

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Developed by Datalex Infrastructure Team.

This plugin lets you configure jobs to run on the same node, and if desired the same workspace, as another job.


This plugin lets you configure a job to build on the same node as another job, with an option to also build on the same workspace as that job. Having an option to set a job to always build on the same node as another can be necessary when you have jobs that rely on each other, on a Jenkins instance with multiple slaves that lets Jenkins decide where to build jobs. The Parameterized Trigger plugin allows you to set a downstream job to build on the same node as its upstream job, but to use that function you must launch the downstream job through the upstream one, however you may want certain jobs to build on the same node as another job without having to build that job again. With this plugin , any job may be configured to use the same node (and if desired the same workspace) as another job.


 The plugins configuration is located in the ‘Build Environment’ section of the job configuration UI. 

Only one job may be entered as the job to be followed and the job name must be valid. Node Stalker will try to help you pick a valid jobname by populating a drop-down list with all possible options.

 If the ‘Share Workspace’ option of the plugin is enabled, the ‘Custom Workspace’ field will be overwritten with the path to the workspace of the followed job.

Node Stalker plugin synergises well with the Prerequisite Build Step Plugin  as  Node Stalker plugin does not stop the job from trying to build while the followed job is building or has failed its most recent build, which would lead to unreliable errors. The prerequisite build step plugin allows you to ensure that another job has successfully completed and is not currently running before letting your job run.


If the 'build on same node' parameter of the Parameterized Trigger plugin is used while triggering a job that has Node Stalker enabled for the upstream job, no custom workspace will be set and the triggered job will build on it's default workspace.


Version 1.0.5

  • Re-release of 1.0.4, no changes

Version 1.0.4

  • Merged pull request that makes nodestalker compatible with item folders.

Version 1.0.3

  • Merged pull request that fixes the use of plugin with maven jobs.

Version 1.0.2

  • Fixed bug where custom workspace value would not be restored if it was empty.

Version 1.0.1

  • Edited help text to better reflect plugin functionality. 
  • Changed code to restore original Custom Workspace configuration of job if 'Share Workspace' option of Node Stalker plugin is enabled.
  • Fixed ClassCastException when the plugin was used within a maven project.

Version 1.0 

Initial release.