Gitea Checks

Gitea Checks Plugin Cover

This plugin publishes checks to Gitea through Gitea API, while it implements the extension points defined in Checks API Plugin. It is an adapted version of the github-checks-plugin, which uses the Gitea API client from gitea-plugin.


Prerequsite: Jenkins needs to have a valid Gitea server configuration with Gitea API credentials in Jenkins settings .

Build Status Check

Gitea Commit Status

This plugin implements the status checks feature from Checks API Plugin to publish statuses (pending, in progress, and completed) to Gitea.

Gitea commit status are rather simple compared to GitHub checks: Gitea commit status show the state, a check context used as a identifier for a specific check and a check description. The check context can be used in Gitea to specify required checks for a specific branch (See Gitea Branch Protection).

Gitea Branch Protection


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Thanks to the developers of the gitea-plugin to provide the Gitea integration into Jenkins. Publishing checks to GIT providers in this way wouldn't be possible without the Jenkins ecosystem: The Checks API Plugin provides the necessary base and the github-checks-plugin provides a reference implementation. With these prerequisites it was straight forward to copy the github-checks-plugin implementation and adapt it to the more simpler Gitea.

This plugin was started as a Google Summer of Code 2020 project, special thanks to the support from Jenkins GSoC SIG and the entire community.


Licensed under MIT, see LICENSE