Folder-based Authorization Strategy

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This plugin provides an easy way to configure permisisons inside Jenkins through roles which can apply to multiple users. Three types of roles are supported 'Global Roles', 'Folder Roles' and 'Agent Roles'.

Screenshot of the plugin

To learn more about how to use this plugin, read the docs. We also provide REST APIs for modifying the roles, check them out here.

Reach out to us

You can chat with us, share your feedback and ask questions on our Gitter chat. We share the channel with the Role Strategy Plugin because this plugin also follows a similar, though simplified, 'role-based' model and was created to avoid the performance penalty of using regular expressions.

You can also reach out to us through Jenkins' Developer Mailing List.

Reporting issues

Please create a ticket for any bug reports or feature requests on Jenkins JIRA and add folder-auth-plugin as the 'Component'.


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