Files Found Trigger

The Jenkins project announced an unresolved security vulnerability affecting the current version of this plugin (why?):

Build trigger that polls one or more directories and starts a build if certain files are found within those directories.

Compatible with Java 7 and above.


Enable the trigger within the "Build Environment" section of the build's configuration page.



  • Detect files on the master or on a Jenkins slave.
  • Specify the files with Ant-style includes and excludes patterns.
  • Multiple directories can be specified.
  • Can specify the minimum number of found files to trigger the build.
  • Able to test the trigger before saving the settings.
  • Environment variables and global variables can be entered as $var or ${var}.
  • During the build, the settings can be accessed as environment variables.
    • filesfound_setting_node
    • filesfound_setting_directory
    • filesfound_setting_files
    • filesfound_setting_ignoredfiles
    • filesfound_setting_triggernumber

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Release History

New releases may take a few hours to appear in the update center.

1.5 (Mar 14, 2017)

  • Can now specify the minimum number of found files to trigger the build. (pull request #2)
    Contributed by lyenliang
  • Improved diagnostic logging.
  • Now requires at least Jenkins 1.580.1 and Java 7.

1.4 (Aug 15, 2015)

  • Can now look for files on Jenkins slaves.

1.3.1 (Feb 25, 2015)

  • When the directory is not found, display a hint about file permissions.
  • Now requires at least Jenkins 1.520.

1.3 (Aug 17, 2011)

  • The trigger settings are available to the build scripts as environment variables.
  • When testing the configuration, the number of files found is displayed.
  • Environment variables, provided by the global properties or the operating system, can be entered into the configuration page as $var or ${var}.
  • Now requires at least Jenkins 1.399.

1.2 (Mar 06, 2011)

  • Multiple directories can be specified.
  • Now requires at least Jenkins/Hudson 1.377.

1.1.4 (Feb 07, 2011)

  • Built from github repository with new Jenkins infrastructure. No behavioural changes.

1.1.3 (Jul 18, 2010)

1.1.2 (Jun 20, 2010)

  • Now requires at least Jenkins/Hudson 1.301, rather than 1.349.

1.1.1 (Jun 4, 2010)

  • Fixed the broken Ant documentation links within the help messages.

1.1 (Apr 25, 2010)

  • Added a button to test the entered configuration before saving.
  • The Files to find field now defaults to **.
  • By default, no files are ignored. Previous releases ignored all files in the Ant default excludes.

1.0.1 (Apr 23, 2010)

  • An exception no longer appears in the console when the entered directory does not exist.

1.0 (Mar 16, 2010)

  • Initial release.