Fabric Beta Publisher

ID: fabric-beta-publisher
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Allows users to publish Android apps to Fabric Beta


  • Upload .apk file to Fabric Beta
  • Choose to notify testers
    • By a group alias
    • By a list of e-mails
  • Specify release notes
    • From the Jenkins changelog
    • With a build parameter
    • From a text file
  • Pipeline support
  • Add FABRIC_BETA_BUILD_URL and FABRIC_BETA_BUILD_URL_{n} environment variables after successful upload. The {n} is replaced with the APK index.


Version 2.1

  • Fix unzip APK issue after migrating to AndroidX and ProGuard (#44)

Version 2.0

  • Make possible reading the changelog from a file on a slave (Note: the path is now relative to the workspace and not absolute – you have to change it in your configuration)

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Version: 2.1
Requires Jenkins 1.625.3
Installs: 356
Egor Neliuba
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