GPG signing with Software Trust Manager

GPG Signing with Software Trust Manager Jenkins plugin is a streamlined GPG-based signing workflow that improves software security and seamlessly integrates with DevOps processes to sign binaries on Windows and Linux.

This plugin accelerates the installation and configuration of clients and various signing tools to help developers become signing-ready for Jenkins plugin workflows.

Software Trust Manager

DigiCert® Software Trust Manager provides a solution to manage and automate your code signing workflows securely.

Software Trust Manager:

  • Requires multi-factor authentication (MFA) for signing.
  • Prevents unauthorized access or misuse of keys and certificates.
  • Enforces consistency and compliance of security policies.
  • Guards against insertion of malware during software releases.
  • Expedites remediation by giving you an audit history of all actions taken within your account.

You can use Software Trust Manager to securely:

  • Generate and manage your credentials.
  • Create, edit, import, export, or delete keypairs.
  • Generate certificates using a keypair in your account.
  • View your audit and signature logs.
  • Create releases.
  • Sign code.

DigiCert ONE account

Software Trust Manager is part of the DigiCert ONE platform, which also includes DigiCert® Trust Lifecycle Manager, DigiCert® Document Trust Manager, and DigiCert® IoT Trust Manager, enabling organizations to manage their diverse PKI workflows from a single pane of glass.

You require a DigiCert ONE account to access Software Trust Manager. If you do not have a DigiCert ONE account, you can request a 30-day free trial account from DigiCert Sales.

Use cases

This is a list of popular use cases supported by Software Trust Manager. This is not a comprehensive list.

  • Container signing
  • Debian signing
  • Docker signing
  • GPG signing
  • RPM Signing

Signing tools

This is a list of popular signing tools supported by Software Trust Manager. This is not a comprehensive list.

  • Rpmsign
  • Debsign
  • Podman (for container signing)

Documentation & Guides

For comprehensive documentation, refer to: Jenkins plugin for GPG signing

Feedback and issues

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