Cyber Chief Security Scanner


Run Cyber Chief Scans from Jenkins using Cyber Chief Security Scanner Plugin.

Download and Install Cyber Chief Scanner plugin in Jenkins

  1. In your Jenkins Dashboard, navigate to Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins
  2. Select Available Plugins and search for Cyber Chief Security Scanner
  3. Install and restart your Jenkins console. You can confirm that the extension is enabled if you go to Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins > Installed Plugins > Look for Cyber Chief Security Scanner and see if its enabled.

Running Scans on Jenkins

  1. Create a Freestyle project and name it anything.

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  1. Navigate to Configure tab and select Add Build Step.
  2. Select Cyber Chief Security Scanner.

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  1. Configure the form fields as required.
    • Auth Token is located on the left side of your Cyber Chief Workspace Admin Page
    • API URL is located below the Auth Token
    • Select what type of Scan you want to run (Web App, API, Raider)
      • For Web App Scans: Select the scope of the scan
      • For API Scans: Input API Name
      • For Raider Scans: Input Raider Name, Select Regions, Services, and Frameworks
    • You have the option to fail the build when:
      • High Vulnerabilities are found
      • Both High and Medium Vulnerabilities are found
    • NOTE: If you have chosen not to check them both, Jenkins will run a scan on Cyber Chief without waiting for the results after clicking Build Now.

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  1. Save and click Build Now

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Licensed under MIT, see LICENSE