Performs job shelving actions based on cron schedule and regex. cron-shelve

The cron-shelve plugin allows you to harvest hundreds of stale jobs in consistent automated manner.
This plugin exposes a new option in "Manage Jenkins" section called "Cron-Shelve". This plugin is a great option in cases where the Job DSL Plugin is used
and a consistent naming convention is maintained to deploy hundreds of jobs.

  • _enable_: The ability to toggle execution of the plugin.
  • _debug_: Output plugin state to logs.
  • _email owner_: In order for this to be functional a given job must have "Set jenkins user build variables" set.
  • _Cron Schedule_: The given time period the shelving will begin.
  • _Jobs Regex_: This provides a regex method to harvest a given set of jobs.
  • _Job Expiration day_: Check the last build date of all jobs matching the regex value and if its equal or greater to job Expiration day shelve the job.