Commit Message Trigger

ID: commit-message-trigger-plugin

This plugin allows builds to be made only for certain text in the commit message.

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Commit Message Trigger Plugin


This allows you when using a gitflow/hubflow to have Jenkins monitor feature branches but only build/merge develop when a feature has been completed by having the developer add [ci build] in the final commit.   This skips the step of creating a pull request in the general gitflow methodology.  You could also use [ci deploy] to cause a job which deploys to a staging server to run.

A skipped build will be marked as NOT BUILT, not FAILED or SUCCESS.

Enable the plugin in your build environment:

Known issues

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Version history

0.1 (September 30, 2014)

  • First release.
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Version: 0.1
Requires Jenkins 1.432
Installs: 637
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Loren Klingman
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