CCM3.2Minimum Jenkins requirement: 1.596.1ID: ccm

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Bruno P. Kinoshita
Cesar Fernandes de Almeida

Older versions of this plugin may not be safe to use. Please review the following warnings before using an older version:

This plug-in generates reports on cyclomatic complexity for .NET code.


This plug-in has been integrated into the warnings plug-in and is not supported anymore.


(lightbulb)  This plug-in is supported by the Static Analysis Collector plug-in that collects different analysis results and shows the results in aggregated trend graphs. Additionally, health reporting and build stability are also based on the aggregated results.

The CCM plug-in scans for ccm.xml files in the build workspace and reports the number of warnings found. 

The current release is available in the download section. This plug-in is developed and maintained by Ullrich Hafner. Please use the mailing lists or issue tracker to ask questions, create feature request or bug reports, since I don't read the comment section on this page regularly.

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For commercial support, please get contact us via @tupilabs

Release Notes

Release 3.2
  1. Fix security issue
Release 3.1
  1. Merged pull request #5 to add support to the Workflow Plug-in (Thanks to @amunis)
Release 3.0.2
  1. Merged pull requests to add support for "graded" complexity reports. Some tools also describe complexity with "grades", like A, B, C, D, E and F. The plugin will now recognize grades and assign them priorities. The mappings are as follows: A -> low, B -> normal, C, D, E and F -> high priority.
Release 3.0.1
  1. Merged pull requests for start and end line in the reports
Release 3.0
  1. Use of analysis-core API to refactor the old code and make it compliant with standard static analysis plug-ins in Jenkins
  2. Instead of a builder plus a graph generator, now the plug-in is simply a publisher. It means that the plug-in won't invoke CCM anymore. You should use Windows batch commands, MSBuild or other build tools to invoke CCM.
  3. Due to the refactoring, the i18n for Portuguese and Spanish were lost.
Release 2.5
  1. Finished Portuguese translation
  2. Added Spanish language support
  3. BUG-8165 - Failed to load hudson.plugins.ccm.CCMBuilder at hudson startup on hudson version 1.384 with current version of CCM plug-in (thanks to
    abjoshi for reporting)
  4. BUG-8336 - When using CCM with a parameterized build, report generation fails because the parameters are passed to ccm.exe and treated as source folders (thanks to Iristyle for reporting)
  5. Created maven site
Release 1.1
  1. i18n. Now CCM supports English and Brazilian Portuguese.
  2. Rename class CCMBuilderDescription to CCMBuilderDescriptor to keep source code following the standard of names found in many plug-ins code.
  3. Add help info for all options seen by the user (the ? blue icon)
  4. Allow the user to define the output file name. (Not implemented)
  5. Remove unused class files in source code.
  6. Let the user define multiple source folders instead of only one.
  7. Let the user define multiple exclusion filters (files, folders and functions). According to CCM 1.0.2 configuration file.
Release 1.0.1
  1. BUG-7522 - The plugin wasn't ready to behave in distributed Hudson. (thanks to svenborman for reporting and help testing)
  2. BUG-7531 - The execution command was compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7, however in Windows 2003 it needed double quotes added to work out properly. (again thanks to svenborman for reporting and help testing)
Release 1.0
  1. First version of the plug-in (the development was guided based on the source code of the following plug-ins: Violations, Tasks, Seleniumhq and Sonar).


Version 2.6
  1. Use Area charts (like those that display test results in Jenkins for TestNG and JUnit)

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