NS-ND Integration Performance Publisher

Plugin Features

Release: https://github.com/jenkinsci/cavisson-ns-nd-integration-plugin/releases

A plugin for jenkins used to trigger a test suite on remote Netstorm server.

Test suite controls the execution of different scenarios together for comparing actual outcome to the predicted outcome. It has SLAs configured, based on which, the test is either pass or fail. As an outcome of test suite execution, Jenkins contains a link to the brief report of the test.

More information can be found on the Wiki page https://plugins.jenkins.io/cavisson-ns-nd-integration/

Note : Plugin source code is hosted on GitHub.

Build Configuration

1 Add build step(Execute NetStorm/NetCloud Test): This step will make connection to the remote Netstorm server, execute the scenario/test suite and generate a test run number.

2 Add Post build step(NetStorm/NetCloud Performance Publisher): This step will fetch the HTML report from the NetStorm server and publish it using HTML Publisher plugin.

Plugin usage

Build step configuration needs the following information:

  • Enter URL,username and password to connect with remote NetStorm server.
  • Select the Test suite or scenario to be run from the list.


Post build step configuration needs the following information:

  • Enter the URL, username, and password of NetStorm server from where HTML report is to be fetched.


  • Configure Publish HTML Reports plugin, for rendering report over Jenkins UI.



The NS-ND Integration Performance Publisher plugin will show HTML report output per build. The following is an example:


See https://github.com/jenkinsci/cavisson-ns-nd-integration-plugin for details.