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Authentication Tokens API1.3Minimum Jenkins requirement: 1.580.1ID: authentication-tokens

Installs: 85753
Last released: a year ago
Stephen Connolly

Authentication Tokens API Plugin

This plugin provides an API for converting credentials into authentication tokens in Jenkins.

The plugin provides concepts for:

  • Authentication Token Source: converts a type of Credentials into authentication tokens of a certain type.
  • Authentication Token Context: used to specify the context in which the token wants to be used through a series of purposes.
  • AuthenticationTokens utility class to generate matchers and convert credentials into tokens easily. 

Version History

Version 1.3 (17/Jun/2016)

Version 1.2 (7/Sept/2015)

  • Add concept of authentication token context to specify the context in which the token wants to be used.
  • Convert best match of a selection of credentials.

Version 1.1 (17/Apr/2015)

  • Prioritise matches based on goodness of fit

Version 1.0 (09/Apr/2015)

  • Initial release
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