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Parameterized Remote Trigger
3.0.2Minimum Jenkins requirement: 1.642.3ID: Parameterized-Remote-Trigger

A plugin for Jenkins CI that gives you the ability to trigger parameterized builds on a  remote  Jenkins server as part of your build.

Similar to the Parameterized Trigger Plugin, but for remote servers.

This is done by calling the /buildWithParameters URL on the remote server. (or the /build URL, if you don't specify any parameters)

This plugin also has support for build authorization tokens (as defined here ), and plays nicely with these other guys:


System configuration option

Job setup options


3.0.2 (Jul 18th, 2018)

New feature

  • None


  • HTTP utility reorganized
    • post with form-data

Bug fixes

  • Fix parameters are too long (HTTP status 414)

3.0.1 (Jul 10th, 2018)

New feature

  • Support triggering remote jobs via Jenkins proxy


  • code refinement

Bug fixes

  • [JENKINS-47919 ]( JENKINS-47919 - Getting issue details... STATUS ) (clarified & fixed)

3.0.0 (May 17th, 2018)

New feature

  • Pipeline support


     Bug fixes

2.2.0 (May 12th, 2015)

New Features/Enhancements:

  • Ability to debug connection errors with (optional) enhanced console output (pull request)

Bug fixes:

2.1.3 (July 6th, 2014)

A release release! Version 2.1.2 never made it to the plugin store due to a bug in the "maven release plugin" when using git 1.8.5.
Naturally, all changes from 2.1.2 are part of this release as well.

Bug fixes:

2.1.2 (April 26th, 2014)

Bug fixes:

2.1 (Feb 17th, 2014)

New Features/Enhancements:

  • ability to specify the list of remote parameters from a file (request ticket)
  • optionally block the local build until remote build is complete (request ticket)

The console output has also been cleansed of displaying any URLs, since this could pose a security risk for public CI environments.
Special thanks to @tombrown5 for his contributions to the last item mentioned above

2.0 (Dec 25th, 2013)

New Features/Enhancements:

Special thanks to @elksson for his contributions to the last 2 items mentioned above.

1.1 (Nov 30th, 2013)

Bug fixes:

  • closing potential security gap for public-read environments

New Features/Enhancemenst:

  • ability to not mark the build as failed if the remote build fails


  • General code clean-up


Initial release

Available features:

  • Trigger parameterized build on a remote Jenkins server
  • Trigger non-parameterized build on a remote Jenkins server
  • Authentication via username + API token
  • Support for "build token root" plugin


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